D’uh #Masculism – blame patriarchy, not feminism.


Here’s a good video on the #Masculism meme on twitter by my new YouTube discovery, Mod Primate.

Watch this and you’ll have a new angle on how to respond to the misogynist in your life that insists feminism is oppressing them.

It’s not feminism’s fault that you have to go to war and women don’t, or that courts favour women in family court cases. Yes, that is sexist, but that’s the patriarchy’s idea fairness.

Our culture has been built on the previous power structure – and that is patriarchy. It’s patriarchy that likes to call your “manhood” into question.

Subscribe to Mod Primate.  I gotta watch more of his videos.

Eddie Obeng at Ted

Great and funny presentation on how the world changed 15 years ago, while we were sleeping … and we didn’t notice. We’re still are working the old way – but it’s all obsolete now. The world is changing faster than we learn.


Why There’s More Killing, More Sex on TV

There’s more killing, more sex on TV because our thresholds get systematically desensitized to disgust and arousal.

So says Dr. Eldon Taylor in this interview on mind programming. Eldon has been studying mind programming for years and written many  books on the subject.

In a study of “Grand Theft Auto”, researchers found that after playing   the game for 7 days, their attitudes to alcohol, theft, drugs had change. They were much more accepting.

Take a look at the Rambo series, and the number of killings in the movies.

Rambo 1 – 1 person was killed in 29:31 minutes.

Rambo 2 – 69 killed, starting at 33 minutes.

Rambo 3 – 132 killed, starting at 41 minutes.

Rambo 1 – 236 killed –  started right at 3 min 22 seconds.

What’s happening is that in order for the show, the game, the movie, to grab us and be exciting, we have to have MORE. It’s about desensitizing values.

Not only that – watch out when watching TV. It can make you more susceptible to advertising. Watching television puts you into the alpha brain state – a hyper-suggestible state. Your defenses go down.

The takeaway – be careful what you watch. Be careful what your kids are watching. It changes our brain.

Norman Doidge writes about this too in his book The Brain That Changes Itself with a very disturbing fact that since the 70s –  we’re progressively getting dumber. In fact, Universities across the world have had to “dumb down” their courses. Doidge says the culprit is TV. Ever since MTV started delivering fast paced clips and images, the brains of kids got wired for speed, but not depth, and this makes the ability to hold attention for prolonged periods difficult. Shallowness is indeed in the brain in this instance.





Are you feminine enough? Tales of sexism on Twitter

Are you brave enough to speak your mind? Honestly? Would you be able to call out sexist behaviour around you?

Or, do you stay quiet, worrying that  if you say what you really think, men won’t think you’re feminine enough?

Here’s a great story about the willingness of women to talk about sexism. Two days ago, on March 14, 2012, writer Linda S Grant tweets about sexism, and finds her Twitter account bombarded with tweets from other women, all dying to share their  tales of sexist woes.


Since the post, a website a thousand reasons (a thousand reasons why feminism is still relevant and necessary) has been devoted to capturing the tweets.

A change is coming on. I can see it in the the tweets that are pouring in to @lindasgrant on her Twitter account. I can see it in Facebook statuses posted by my friends – there’s a clearer and stronger willingness to call out sexist behaviour. A willingness to share. Aloud.

Why? I think there’s less fear now. Before, we were afraid of the backlash. Of men getting mad at us. Of getting in trouble. Of provoking ire.

But somehow, now, we are less afraid. I hope this continues. I hope we all pick up Linda’s courageous battle cry. It goes like this:

“I’m not putting up with this.” And I don’t care if some people think feminism is a dirty word, because without it, we’d still be back where we were, stuck forever, too scared to open our mouths in case men think we’re not feminine enough.

What do you think? Do you think women are getting braver, and more willing to call out shitty behaviour and attitudes towards us? Why? what has changed?



I Hope They Speak Norwegian In Hell


A funny cartoon getting some thumbs up in the Digg World. Does that mean geeks are mostly atheists?

The Power of Conformity.

A classical social psychology experiment carried out by S. Asch.

Why do you conform?